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My Review Of The Corsair K70 and M65 Pro

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Let me start by saying, This Is the best combo i have ever had,

I have had the Corsair K70 MK2 Rapidfire for over a year now, In this time i have come to learn of all its pros and cons. The switches are fantastic, But holy shit ICUE is a buggy mess. 


This keyboard has All the things you want in a keyboard. You have Nice Concave Keys that are spaced apart nicely, You have Back-light (RGB) and you have On-board memory for three RGB profiles. 

the mouse is clicky and has side buttons for page forward/back pages, has Five different DPI modes plus a "sniper" button which brings the dpi down to 400 for however long you hold it, and its also RGB.


The Software to get this thing running however, is another story.

In my time using this i have had Sporadic issues with Corsairs ICUE software, Every time they push an update it seems to break something,

A few updates ago, when Plugging in my SSD, The keyboard would randomly disconnect. I have no idea what made this happen but it did.

While the software ISNT crashing, its great, nice UI, easy to use, and most importantly, Easy to control your devices behavior.


Some sites i use for my profiles can be found here

--- http://alexkrastev.herokuapp.com/users/619804/profiles

--- https://github.com/DarthAffe/KeyboardAudioVisualizer



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