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  1. After my failed attempts at snagging a Ryzen 3950x 😥 I have decided to find a topic I have yet to see covered. Today I will be discussing voltages, not just any voltages but the overall average of the AMD Ryzen 3900x. I do not have all of the Ryzen 3000 series processors to work with but in theory this should be the same for all Zen 2 architecture with CCD controls. I'm not sure how many people run cryptocurrency on their main rigs while they sleep or while at work, but I for one do. One of my biggest concerns is my rig will shut down while I'm asleep or away from home and I will lose out on free money. Yes I am also aware that it isn't technically free since I pay for electricity... And this brings me to voltages of overclocking vs underclocking. Ryzen Master is my computers best friend and greatest tool in my arsenal since becoming a Zen 2 owner. Not only can I overclock or underclock but I have total control of which cores or chiplets I want active or not. So while I'm asleep or away from home my computer runs cryptocurrency, basically 24/7 as long as I'm not doing anything too strenuous on my cpu/gpu. The first week after having my new 3900x I would underclock my cores too 600MHz and walk away thinking I was saving energy. Boy was I wrong, in fact it turned out to be the complete opposite. I will start here by showing the lowest clock speed of 600MHz at stock voltage. As you can see from my screenshot the average core voltage is 1.3v which at first glance may seem low compared to the peak voltage of 1.41v that each core can hit, if needed. The temperatures are excellent and I couldn't complain one bit for an old Corsair H100 that I'm fairly certain isn't manufactured anymore. What is concerning is that all cores are active at such low clock speeds. This is what got me thinking, just how deep does the rabbit hole go? I needed to first lay down some ground work on how I will be measuring my results and which measurements I would take. Since I do not have a spare rig for a fresh install to make comparisons I would just need to make due on what I have. To make everything fair I shutdown all nonessential software and stopped all background activities during the times I took measurements. Yes even the RGB was shutdown and the entire room went near pitch black. Each of the captured screenshots were taken after I cropped the previous and checking task manager for any looming background tasks that might affect the testing. This is what I did, I kept stock voltage and raised the clock speed of all cores by 1,000MHz and let the computer sit for 60 seconds to calm down. 1,000MHz the average voltage used is sitting at 0.9v. 2,000MHz the average voltage used is sitting at 0.67v. 3,000MHz the average voltage used is sitting at 0.53v. 4,000MHz the average voltage used is sitting at 0.47v. As we go up in frequency you begin to notice 2 things right away. First the drop in average core voltage and second more and more cores are being put to sleep. So why is that exactly? Think of it like having an entire crew full of workers, when there is work to do everyone is busy, when there isn't work to do, the boss calls people off work. This happens in the background and it required AMD to configure special software with a special set of parameters to handle this massive task. Doing these comparisons has shown me that if I want to cut back on my voltage, pushing a higher clock speed would be better. You see there is always some work to be done and it must be done in a timely manner. Having a high clock speed ensures that all of the work, while sitting idle can be done fast and efficiently. When you have lower clock speeds but the same amount of work to complete in a given time, you need more cores and thus the average voltage rises. Thankfully my cryptocurrency of choice doesn't use much processing power to run and will ultimately use less energy. I can't say the same for my gpu because it is maxed out to the fullest overclock speeds I could manage. But I do have one more screenshot to show and it is using the least amount of voltage at idle. An all core overclock to 4,400MHZ and it's stable according to AIDA64 and Cinebench R20 which are both very good software for picking out faults in overclocking a cpu. Talk about silicone lottery. Yes it does run hot when pushed to full load for longer than 60 seconds, but that isn't anything a larger AIO would't take care of. For now I just want to point out that the average core voltage is at it's all time low of just 0.38v with the same amount of sleeping cores as the previous clock speed. Do you have any Ryzen Master secrets to share? Let us know in the comments and don't forget to bookmark pcmr.tech for future articles.
  2. Modern Warfare Datamining reveals 200 player Battle Royale map. Coming soon A notorious Call of Duty leaker Senescallo has posted a map from Call of Duty Modern Warfare after mining through code for any signs of what the future updates may bring. Along with the map a list of perks, killstreaks, points of interest and a full list of zones have been extracted. The 200 player Battle Royale will consist of different modes for solo, duo and squads of four. Respawn tokens Along with this find comes new mechanics for respawning. Respawn tokens are to be looted and respawning teammates now require the use of your tokens. For each teammate that is revived their body must be drug back to the ambulance, this enters them into queue to respawn. The Gulag is the supposed name of the map but it is also a prison camp. Players in the Gulag spectate other players fighting while waiting their turn. A 1v1 match will take place giving each player a chance to win a respawn. Occasionally there will be a prison break which will kick all the players out of the Gulag and back into the match. Plunder A new in-game currency called plunder is what players will use while in Gulag. Plunder can be earned by completing missions and eliminating enemies. You can spend plunder on plunder boxes in certain locations and then it may be converted into experience points by depositing it into an ATM. Be careful with depositing your plunder into ATMs because entering a bank will sound the alarm and alerting other players of your presence.
  3. GTA online carnage Peyote plants Exploring GTA online as we all know is an amazing experience, but adding peyote and some animals to the mix is a whole new adventure. Here we are going to explore the world of GTA online on a little trip. The casino update didn’t just provide a place to gamble your life savings away, it also added peyote. Peyote is a small, spineless cactus with psychoactive alkaloids. Yes you heard me right, we got a hallucinogenic and we are going to have a fantastic voyage. To the right shows the location of all the peyote plant locations. So much peyote so little time As you can see on the map GTA online has a pretty decent amount of locations to explore this new recreational habit. As you approach each plant you will begin feeling the affects even before consumption. You will start to notice slight vibrations and begin hearing the sounds of the animal you are about to become one with. Each animal has its own abilities and if you wish to end this trip, press right on the d-pad or get yourself killed. You have an option of 76 peyote plants to choose from, if you dare. (Image credit: Rockstar Games) Get you some After locating the peyote of your choosing and ingesting it you will immediately turn into an animal, one of several varieties. Once transformed you can wreak havoc on the NPCs of the game. Not only that but other online players will also view you as a creature of the wild. Walk around and admire the scenery from a new perspective, bump your way up an NPC crowded stairway and watch everyone's reaction or block the roadway to make someone angry enough to run you over. The possibilities are only limited to your imagination. Attack an innocent NPC or find an unexpected online player and surprise mother flanker...
  4. Dgunn

    A new KING arrives

    AMD 3950x 16c/32t monSTAR Alienware leaks GeekBench 4 benchmark has more leaks this week and Intel begins to show its age. First we see the 3950x barley being beaten by the Intel Core i9-10980XE 18c/36t in single core performance. Then the 3950x 16c/32t swoops in and takes the crown of multi-threaded performance with a whopping 16% lead. Holy s*** Batman!!! An AMD processor with less cores has overtaken Intel?? The Ryzen 3950x is also still capable of running on the same socket as the original 1st gen platform. The 1st gen motherboards with the proper bios updates can house this beast without the need to purchase any other new hardware. Some motherboards such as the Gigabyte x370 Gaming 5 can also utilize the PCI Express 4 speeds as long as the bios is not updated past bios F41. So if you plan on using PCI Express 4 with an older board please check with your board manufacturer to see which AGESA your bios is on. AGESA ABBA is the cutoff point. Also Dell will be readying a desktop for the enthusiast market with a 3950x and up to 32 GB or memory. If this is a repeat of the Alienware Area 51 the market is about to burst with cores. Keep in mind that these results are more than likely pre-production chips and may not actually represent the retail version benchmarks…. GO TEAM RED
  5. Dgunn

    Deepfakes vs the world

    Same here, please any takers???? 😂
  6. Dgunn

    Deepfakes vs the world

    Artificial neural networks are at the heart of a heated debate between freedom of expression and governments throughout the world. So what exactly is a Deepfake or what some are calling faceswap? It all starts with machine learning, RT cores of a graphics card and open source code that can be found on GitHub. A point and click begins the download of what may or may not become a freedom of expression or cease and desist orders. Although it may sound simple to do, it does take hours of extracting images of the faces you wish to “swap” from photos and videos on the net. After gathering a face you wish to “swap” you must then find a target video and begin the transition. This is where the artificial neural network begins to come into play. Now you have the code, you have the images and you have found a video to transplant your new face into. This is the moment of decision. Is the video you have chosen of a government official, does it relay false information to the public or perhaps expose someone in a sexual act? If the answer is yes, you may want to reconsider moving forward with this face swap. This decision could land a person in jail and having to pay hefty fines, restitution or punitive damages. You have been warned. Moving forward the predefined code once ran will begin to edit the transcript of the chosen video. So what exactly does this mean? Every video has thousands of layers of pixels and the autoencoders begin to go to work. This process will play the video repeatedly thousands of times slowly inserting pixels from the image you have chosen and eventually “swapping” faces. Not only will the encoders transform these lines of code but it will blend surroundings and lighting conditions. The overall geometry of the face in the original video will distort and resize to the images you had selected. Deepfakes have cropped up all over the world and have began to harm individuals by exploiting them in a sexual acts or spreading false information. A harmless deepfake such as the one that transforms Terminator 2 and Arnold Schwarzenegger into Sylvester Stallone. As innocent as this may seem, you could land a copyright claim for monetization from Orion Pictures but that's about it. Another instance shows Keanu Reeves, known for his roles in The Matrix as Neo and the John Wick series as John Wick, stopping a robbery in progress. Now if you didn't know this was a deepfake that had swapped out an actors face for Keanu Reeves face, you may actually believe this was real. Another example of how deepfake can manipulate the public and harm an individual is where Mark Zuckerberg can be seen announcing that a mysterious Spectre has allowed him to harvest data for controlling the future. Spectre plays off of the Spectre and Meltdown hardware vulnerabilities of Intel and AMD which allows certain programs to steal data in the background while your computer seems to be operating as usual. There is also a video of President Obama speaking on the topic of deepfake and how anyone can make another person say things that are not true. Combating deepfake has proven to be extremely difficult given that the code is open source and some 8.8k users that have contributed 971 changes to improve the code. These changes enhance the AI and allow the artificial neural network to modify the video even more with speech synthesis and real eye blinking. Scientists around the world have been developing techniques such as the detection of artifacts to tell what is real and what isn't. When a deepfake is made not everything is correctly altered, things like head movement or the 2D effects generated within the video that points a face in the incorrect direction. The problem for now with deepfakes is that the algorithms making up this network cannot yet fabricate a face in 3D thus leaving scientist with the upper hand... For now. So where does this leave YOU as an individual who just wants to utilize the RT cores of your new graphics card? If you live in California for example, Bill AB 730 restricts your freedom of speech by limiting what types of videos you distribute. Although this may sound absurd, it is believed that some 96% of deepfake videos online are sexually explicit. Okay no big deal, you live outside of California's overreach of your freedom. China also has forbidden an individual from infringing the portrait rights of others by means of digital technology forgery. If you plan to use deepfake and transform any digital videos you should first check if it is legal in your area. More and more laws are being passed all over the world to combat the use of deepfakes from harming or spreading false information. All it takes is one fake video that is so believable that another country takes action against it. The future of deepfake is only known to those who hold the secrets that lie within the algorithms. A battle between scientists and developers has set in motion what some consider an unstoppable wave of fraudulent activities. The number of developers working on video synthesis versus those who are working to detect fakes is estimated to be 100 to 1. The future may become a place where you can no longer believe what you see with your eyes. Deepfakes are even being tested in applications to trick biometrics that are used on the devices we trust most. Whatever you do, don’t leave your phone unattended or you might just be the next victim of deepfake.
  7. So was anyone going to pick up a new Ryzen 3000 series processor? I myself have an eye on the 3950x. If I manage to get my hands on one at midnight on the 24th/25th I will be writing a review on it.
  8. I'm always up for news about technology, especially computers. Probably not in our lifetime will we have a desktop quantum PC, still a man can dream.
  9. I caved and purchased RDR2. I couldn't wait any longer for the c***k lol first game I have purchased all year. Funding is difficult to come by these days.
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