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  1. My first pc game was either cs 1.6 or need for speed underground 2
  2. yes i dont know how to link my steam profile
  3. Hi every one! I am yousuf.aka Flappy_Boi on steam and other game platforms.I am a student.I am studying Bacheulors in computer science.it's my first year in university. along side that, i am also learning Artificial Intelligence form another institutuion. I am really excited to be an AI engineer.I am from Pakistan.My love for computers started when i was in 5th or 6th grade,when a cousin of mine got a pc.I still wasnt super in to pcs yet(it was good for games what a 5th grae wishes). the true spark for computers ignited when i saw one of linus's videos. he built a pc with his son and i was like waaat?you can make your own pc?!!.I was like bruh this shit is legit .I fell in to love with pcs and pc building.I would watch hours on end of different tech youtubers building computers.Build videos brought a strange type of joy to me.I got my first ever pc which was a pentium 4 and some rageddy old nVIDIA quadro graphics card way back in day.Only 2-3 house holds in my town had pcs back then.Then in 2012-15 i moved on to an acer aspire z series laptop. that thing hand a pentium dual core and a whole ! gb of ram.i have had that laptop up until a few monts prior.I upgraded to a dell inpiron 3542. I know it's very old but that's what was in my reach and my parent's. they chipped in the huge part of the money for this laptop.It has a core i7 4510u 8 gigs of ram and a gtx 840m.it is enough to get me by.yes it wont run any modern AAA tiltles but it is good enough.Computer hardware doesn't come cheap in my country. a decent pc would cost me upwards of 100,00.I want to get a modern pc asap. and i am slowly working towards my dream by freelancing i am a graphic design freelancer.I love the pcmr community and hope to be a full fleged member soon.I also want to introduce the e sports scene in my country.recently dew did hold to major dota 2 and csgo tournaments.but that's it.I have started my mission to introduce e sports here by making an esports socienty in my university we are 3 members strong.I hope it grows big one day and we can have tournaments all over the place.wish me luck. also here is my potfolio if you want to take a look : http://ysdesigns.pb.style aslo, if you are not from the USA , you can get a visa for pakistan easily. want a reason to visit? i know fairy meadow and beautiful lanscaapees arent the first thing that comes to ypour mind when you hear pakistan. but, the media has created a wrong image of us for a long time.it's about time we stop that. so! come to PAkistan because we have opened our doors to the world!! (also i said "i f you are not from the usa" not because we dont like americans but because the USA didnt want in on the tourist e-visa programme ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ .) visa costs ~100$ and can be had in 10 days all the process is online and easy!!.I welcome all of you to my beautiful land!!!!
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